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Drumstick Tree: Uses, Benefits, Nutritional Value and more

Drumstick Tree, often seen floating in a bowl of sambar, is scientifically known as Moringa oleifera Lam. It belongs to the Moringaceae tree family. It is a small, fast-growing, evergreen tree that grows in tropical regions.

It is found in the Himalayan regions of India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Drumstick is also called horseradish tree or drumstick tree (in English), Subhanjana (in Sanskrit), Haritshakha or Akshiva (in Ayurveda) and Sainjana or Saguna (in Hindi).

Benefits of Drumstick Tree

Special types of antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant properties are found in drumstick, which provide health benefits in various conditions. The major benefits obtained from drumstick include the following –

1. Drumstick strengthens bones

Calcium and phosphorus are found in abundance in drumstick, which helps in keeping bones healthy. Consumption of drumstick can be very beneficial for people who have arthritis, osteoarthritis or any other bone related disease.

Drumstick Tree
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2. Treat stomach related problems with drumstick

Many powerful elements are found in drumstick, which can help in treating stomach diseases like gastritis and ulcerative colitis. Apart from this, Vitamin B and many other essential elements are found in it, which help in increasing the digestion process.

3. Consumption of drumstick keeps the skin free from diseases

The oil obtained from drumstick seeds provides protection to both skin and hair from free radicals. A special type of protein is also found in drumstick, which protects the cells from getting damaged.

4. Drumstick removes swelling and redness

Many powerful compounds are found in drumstick, which act as anti-inflammatory agents in the body. Drumstick can be very beneficial for people who have inflammatory problems inside the body (like arthritis).

However, the benefits of drumstick mentioned above are generally based on studies and some of these studies have been conducted on animals. Also, the physical nature of every person is different, hence the effect of the elements present in drumstick on their body can also be different.

Health related side effects of drumstick tree 

Although consumption of drumstick in appropriate quantities is considered safe, one should still consult a doctor before consuming it. This is because its effect may vary according to the physical condition of each person.

If drumstick is consumed in larger quantities than usual, it can cause stomach upset and some people may also be allergic to drumstick. If you are going to consume drumstick for the first time then consult a doctor first.

How to use drumstick tree

Drumstick has been used since ancient times as a home remedy to treat many health problems. The roots, leaves, twigs and pods of the drumstick plant are used in making various types of medicines. Not only this, nowadays many delicious dishes are also being made from drumstick beans. Drumstick can be used in the following ways –

  • Boil drumstick leaves in water
  • Making chutney
  • cooked with other vegetables

However, consult a doctor to know in what quantity you can consume drumstick as per your health.

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