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Do not stay away from bitter gourd due to its bitterness, if you follow these tips then children will start eating 

Have you also tried preparing bitter gourd in different ways, but its bitterness is such that it doesn’t go away. In such a situation, not only children stay away from it, but many adults also do not like to eat it.

Let us tell you in this article about some special tricks by adopting which you can reduce its bitterness.

Bitter Gourd

It is very beneficial for health, but not only children, but many adults also start shrinking their nose and mouth after seeing it in the food plate. The reason is its bitterness. Do you know that due to this you miss out on many health benefits? In such a situation, known in this article some tips and tricks to remove its bitterness and consume it without any fear.

Boil rock salt water:

To remove the bitterness of it, soak it in rock salt water for some time. It helps in absorbing flavonoids, which cause bitterness in bitter gourd.

Use of curd:

Bitter gourd is very beneficial for health, but if you avoid eating it due to its bitterness, then for this you can cut it into small pieces and soak it in curd for 2 hours. By doing this you will not feel its bitterness.

Cook with sourness:

Sour is very effective in eliminating bitterness. In such a situation, to remove the bitterness of bitter gourd, add sourness to it while making its vegetable. For this you can also use dry mango powder or lemon.

Prepare by removing seeds:

Making vegetable with bitter gourd seeds also increases its bitterness. If you want to remove it, then remove its seeds and make a vegetable.

Peel off the top peel:

Bitterness can also be removed by removing the surface of the peel on the bitter gourd. This will make your vegetable tasty, and the bitterness will also reduce.

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