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Do not do these things after Facial, Otherwise Rashes and Itching May occur. Here are some Home Remedies Which will help you

Facials are an effective treatment to enhance the glow of the skin and prevent the effects of aging. By getting it done regularly, the skin also remains healthy, but some women suffer from rashes, itching and pimples after facial, so what could be the reason behind this? Today we will learn about them and will also know the ways to get relief from it.

Facial is a skin treatment

Facial is a skin treatment which is considered effective in enhancing face glow as well as reducing the effects of aging, but many women suffer from rashes, pimples and itching after facial. The blame for this is placed on the products used in facials, but the reason for this is not the products but some mistakes made by you. About which we are going to know today. Also some effective home remedies to remove rashes.


Don’t wash face

Do not use soap or face wash on your face immediately after getting a facial or throughout the day. Use only normal water to wash your face. Apart from this, do not wipe your face by rubbing it.

Avoid sunlight

Avoid exposure to sunlight immediately after getting a facial. After facial, the pores of the skin open and there is every possibility of allergy due to sunlight. If you have to go out in the sun, cover your face well.

Do not use skin care products

If you are getting a facial for glow in a wedding or party, then get it done at least two days in advance. If you apply makeup on your face at night after getting a facial done on the same day, then there is every possibility of it causing rashes. Actually, after facial, the pores of the skin open and then when you use chemical based makeup products, they get absorbed into the skin. Due to which problems like rashes, rashes and itching can occur.

Home remedies to get rid of skin rashes

Home remedies to get rid of skin rashes

1. Aloe Vera

It can help in relieving many problems like redness, irritation and swelling. Because aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties. Take out the gel from aloe vera leaves and apply it on rashes or swollen areas and wash it after half an hour.

2. Cold water compress

Applying cold water compress is also effective in removing the problem of rashes and itching. Soak a cotton cloth in cold water and place it on the area with rashes. Apart from this, wrap a piece of ice in a cotton cloth and press it slowly on the face. This also provides immediate relief from swelling and irritation. It also prevents these problems from increasing.

3. Coconut Oil

Lauric acid is found in coconut oil. It has anti-fungal properties. Which are helpful in fighting skin infections. Due to which the problem of redness and itching goes away. Apply lukewarm coconut oil on the face and wash the face with clean water after half an hour.

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