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Debunking Rumors: RBD’s Future Tour Without Anahí?

Recent rumors circulating in the Mexican media claimed that the iconic band RBD would embark on a new tour, but this time without Anahí. However, Dulce María’s mother has stepped forward to debunk these speculations. Let’s delve into the details and see what she had to say.

Blanca Saviñón’s Response Blanca Saviñón, the mother of singer Dulce María, took to social media to address the rumors regarding the band’s future plans. She dismissed the claims made by the Mexican TV program, asserting that they were unfounded. Despite this statement, she did not elaborate further on the fate of the group.

Anahí’s Alleged Decision


According to the Mexican press, it was reported that Anahí had made the personal decision not to join her former bandmates in any potential future shows. However, Blanca Saviñón emphasized that this narrative was not accurate.

Previous Speculations


Earlier in January, Christopher Uckermann’s mother, Alexandra von Uckermann, hinted at plans for a new phase of shows with only four members. While she did not explicitly mention who might be excluded, she proposed the idea of continuing the performances even if one member could not participate.

Fan Response Despite the ongoing speculation, many RBD fans remain skeptical of the reports from the Mexican media. They believe that the local press has a history of spreading false and biased information about the group, often attempting to stir up controversy among its members.

Conclusion While rumors may swirl about the future of RBD and the possibility of a tour without Anahí, it’s essential to take such speculation with a grain of salt. Only time will tell what lies ahead for the iconic band and its dedicated fanbase.

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