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Débora Brasil: From Pagoda Dancer to Evangelical Missionary

Débora Brasil, previously known for her energetic dance performances with the popular pagoda group É o Tchan, has entered a new chapter of her life as a missionary in the Evangelical Church. Let’s look at their current efforts.

Débora Brasil Career Change

Débora Brasil
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Débora Brasil has gained fame as a dancer for Eo Tchan, alongside notable figures such as Carla Pérez and Jacare. However, she has since turned her focus to serving as a missionary in the evangelical church, and has dedicated herself to spreading the message of Jesus Christ.

Life as a Missionary

Débora Brasil shared glimpses of her life as a missionary on her Instagram profile, showcasing moments of worship and service at the church.

While Deborah has left her days as a pagoda dancer behind, Deborah still indulges her passion for performing by singing gospel songs for the congregation.

recognition and support

Débora Brasil

Followers of Débora’s journey applaud her decision to embrace her faith, with many expressing admiration for her transformation.
Comments on her posts often highlight how her choice to follow Jesus has enhanced her inner beauty and brought fulfillment to her life.

testimony and reflection

Débora Brasil shares personal testimonies during church services acknowledging her past struggles and the transformative power of faith.

Despite facing challenges and feeling emotionally broken in the past, she finds solace and purpose in her new spiritual path.

Infection from É o Tchan

Infection from É o Tchan

Débora’s departure from Eau Tchan marked a significant change in her career path, with her role eventually filled by Sheila Carvalho in 1997.

Like fellow former member Sylmara Miranda, Deborah was not included in the group’s 30th anniversary celebration.


Débora’s journey from pagoda dancer to evangelical missionary is a testament to personal growth and spiritual transformation. His story serves as an inspiration to those looking for purpose and fulfillment beyond the headlines, demonstrating the power of belief to positively shape lives.

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