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Dating App Users Sue Match Group Over Addiction Claims

A group of six dating app users in the US has filed a lawsuit against Match Group, the company behind popular dating platforms like Tinder, Hinge, and The League. The lawsuit alleges that Match Group’s apps are designed to be addictive, prioritizing profit over helping users find meaningful relationships. Let’s delve into the details of this lawsuit and what it means for dating app users.

The Allegations:

The lawsuit claims that Match Group intentionally designs its dating apps with features that encourage “compulsive use,” such as the swiping feature on Tinder and similar mechanisms on other platforms. These features are said to manipulate users’ dopamine levels, creating a cycle of addiction that keeps them hooked on the apps.

Deceptive Advertising:

Match Group is also accused of misleading users with false advertising, including slogans like “designed to be deleted,” which implies that the apps are effective in helping users find love. However, the lawsuit alleges that the company’s true intention is to keep users on the apps for as long as possible to maximize profits.

Legal Action:

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for users who paid for subscriptions to Tinder, Hinge, or The League in the last four years. Additionally, the claimants are asking the court to order Match Group to remove addictive features from its apps and provide new warnings about the risks of addiction.

Match Group’s Response:

Match Group's Response:
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Match Group has dismissed the lawsuit as “ridiculous” and without merit, stating that its business model is not based on advertising or engagement metrics. The company claims to prioritize getting users off the apps and onto real-life dates.

Industry Scrutiny:

This lawsuit comes amidst growing concern over the impact of technology on mental health, particularly among young people. Tech giants like Meta Platforms and Alphabet have faced similar allegations of designing addictive features that harm users, especially children and teens.

User Experience:

The frustration and disappointment of many dating app users are reflected in this lawsuit. Despite the popularity of dating apps, many users report negative experiences, such as being ghosted or feeling overwhelmed by choices. The claimants’ lawyer highlights the toll that app addiction can take on users’ mental well-being.


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Conclusion: The lawsuit against Match Group sheds light on the dark side of dating apps and raises important questions about their impact on users’ lives. As the legal battle unfolds, it remains to be seen how the court will address these allegations and what changes, if any, will be implemented in the dating app industry to protect users from addiction and deceptive practices.

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