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Fact Check: Debunking the Claim about Kid Rock and Jason Aldean’s Tour

Recently, there has been a viral claim circulating online regarding Kid Rock and Jason Aldean’s upcoming tour allegedly excluding New York from its schedule. Let’s dive into the details and separate fact from fiction.

1. The False Claim: Kid Rock and Jason Aldean

Kid Rock and Jason Aldean
Pic Credit: Google
  • The claim originated from a satirical article published in The Dunning Kruger Times by Flagg Eagleton.
  • It alleged that Kid Rock and Jason Aldean removed New York from their ‘You Can’t Cancel America’ Tour in support of former President Donald Trump, referred to as “45.”
  • However, this claim is baseless and lacks credibility as it was solely published on a satire news site.

2. The Reality:

  • Kid Rock and Jason Aldean do not have a tour named ‘You Can’t Cancel America.’ Their actual upcoming tour is titled ‘Rock the Country Festival Tour.’
  • Scheduled from April to July 2024, the tour will visit small American towns across several states.
  • The duo announced this tour in November 2023, with Miranda Lambert, Hank Williams Jr., and Lynyrd Skynyrd joining them.

3. Reactions and Backlash:

  • Despite being debunked, the fake claim garnered various reactions, including backlash and trolling.
  • @TheEXECUTIONER_ tweeted about the false claim, reflecting the diverse responses it received.

4. Details of the Rock the Country Festival Tour:

Details of the Rock the Country Festival Tour
Pic Credit: Google
  • The tour will be sponsored by 46 Entertainment, aiming to provide a unique experience and celebrate small-town America.
  • Artists like Travis Tritt, Lee Brice, Nelly, and others will also perform during the tour.
  • It will feature seven stops with two days of performances in each location.

5. Other Satirical Claims:

  • Additionally, another satire website, Esspots, falsely claimed that Jason Aldean’s tour surpassed Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in ticket sales and attendance.
  • However, these claims have been debunked by credible sources like Reuters.

Conclusion: It’s crucial to verify information before believing and sharing it, especially when it comes from satirical sources. Kid Rock and Jason Aldean’s actual tour, ‘Rock the Country Festival Tour,’ promises an exciting musical journey across small-town America, emphasizing community and love for country music. Let’s stay vigilant and rely on credible sources for accurate information.

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