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Caetano Veloso Celebrates Sister Mabel Velloso’s 90th Birthday

1. Heartfelt Tribute:

  • Renowned singer-songwriter Caetano Veloso recently honored his sister, poet Mabel Velloso, on her ninetieth birthday.
  • Taking to social media, Caetano expressed deep admiration and affection for Mabel, highlighting her significance in Bahian poetry and his own life.

2. Family Connection:

Mabel Velloso

  • Caetano fondly recalls Mabel as his godmother, emphasizing her role in his life by carrying him on the day of his baptism.
  • He notes the physical resemblance between them, stating, “She is, of my brothers, the one I most resemble. We are both darker.”

3. Mabel Velloso Literary Influence:

  • Mabel Velloso’s contributions to Bahian poetry are celebrated by Caetano, who mentions rereading her book “Janelas” during his time in Bahia.
  • He expresses deep emotion while revisiting her work, indicating the profound impact it has had on him.

4. Wishes for the Future:

  • Caetano extends warm wishes to his sister for the new decade, hoping for her continued lucidity in conversations and joyful presence at gatherings.
  • He affectionately addresses her as “dinha” and sends kisses filled with love.

5. Celebration of Family Bonds:

  • The tribute underscores the strong bond between Caetano Veloso and his sister Mabel Velloso, highlighting the importance of family in their lives.
  • It serves as a reminder of the cherished relationships and shared experiences that shape their identities and artistic expressions.

6. Legacy of Art and Love:


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  • Through his tribute, Caetano Veloso not only celebrates his sister’s milestone birthday but also honors her enduring legacy as a poet and her profound influence on his life and work.
  • The expression of love and admiration reflects the depth of their familial connection and the power of art to unite and inspire.

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