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Atlanta Radio Stations Swap Frequencies: The Beat and Power Make a Move

Atlanta’s radio scene is buzzing with news of a major switch-up in frequencies between two popular stations: The Beat and Power. Here’s what you need to know:

1. What Happened Atlanta Radio Stations:

iHeartMedia, the company behind the stations, decided to swap signals, moving hip-hop station The Beat to 96.1 and top 40 station Power to 105.3.

2. The Beat’s Upgrade:

  • The Beat, previously at 105.3, gets a promotion by moving to the stronger 96.1 signal, reaching all of metro Atlanta.
  • This move gives The Beat a 100,000-watt signal, allowing it to cover a larger area and compete with other major stations in town.

3. Power’s New Home:

  • Power, now at 105.3, moves to a weaker signal but continues to deliver its top 40 programming.
  • Despite the signal change, Power maintains its lineup, including popular shows like The Breakfast Club.

4. Excitement from Station Leaders:

  • Program Director Vladimir Scott expresses enthusiasm for The Beat’s move, highlighting the station’s expansion and reach.
  • iHeart A-tlanta Metro President Spencer Bynes sees the switch as an opportunity to further engage with Atlanta’s diverse community and music culture.

What’s Next:

Atlanta Radio Stations

With The Beat on a stronger signal and Power maintaining its programming, listeners can expect continued quality entertainment from both stations. Tune in to discover more of Atlanta’s vibrant radio landscape!

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