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Amanda Bynes Fails Manicure Test: What Happened?

Former teen actress Amanda Bynes recently took to social media to share her venture into a new career as a manicurist. Known for her roles in movies like “She’s the Man” and “What a Girl Wants,” Bynes announced her departure from acting in 2022, opting for a shift in professions.

Failing the Manicure Test

Amanda Bynes

However, this week, Bynes revealed that she did not pass the test to become a professional manicurist. In an Instagram story, she expressed her disappointment, stating, “I’ll study more next time.” She mentioned that she needed to score 75% or higher on the test but only managed to answer 71% of the questions correctly.

Transitioning Away from Acting

Back in 2022, when Bynes first announced her career change, she was already attending classes at a cosmetology school to enhance her skills. She expressed her intentions, saying, “In cosmetology school to become a manicurist.”

Amanda Bynes End of Acting Career?

Amanda Bynes End of Acting Career?

Bynes officially retired from Hollywood in 2010, stating that being an actress wasn’t as enjoyable as it may seem. However, three years later, she made headlines for her struggles with substance abuse, leading to multiple hospitalizations and legal guardianship due to drug addiction until 2022.

Subsequently, Amanda Bynes attempted to pursue a career in music as a rapper, releasing two singles, “Diamonds” and “Fairfax.” However, she eventually withdrew from the industry. Last September, she re-entered psychiatric care shortly after being discharged from a mental health facility, highlighting her ongoing battle with bipolar disorder and substance abuse.

It’s worth noting that Bynes stepped away from the spotlight in 2010 to distance herself from the pressures of fame and the entertainment industry.

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