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‘Am I the A**hole?!’: Abbie Chatfield Divides the Internet Over Carpark Etiquette

Abbie Chatfield has ignited a fierce online debate over carpark etiquette, leaving many unsure which side to take. The 29-year-old reality TV star turned to TikTok with an AITA (Am I the A**hole) question that sparked intense discussions across social media platforms.

The Incident – Abbie Chatfield

Abbie Chatfield's Carpark Etiquette Rant Divides the Internet

In her TikTok video, Abbie Chatfield asked, “Am I wrong in thinking people shouldn’t beep you when you get in your car and you’re not ready to go yet? I actually think that it’s so f***ing rude.” Clearly upset, Abbie recounted the incident that had just occurred, leaving her visibly shaken.

Abbie Chatfield explained, “I’ve gotten in my car after yoga and I feel really dizzy, so I got some guac and chips and I’m sitting here… trying to get some sort of food into me before I start driving cause I’m shaking and I’m dizzy and I’m pre-menstrual and I feel really ill. I just need to eat something before I get on the road and this person (they just left), they were sitting there beeping at me.”

The Context

Abbie Chatfield added that her parking ticket hadn’t even expired yet. “I paid for an hour and 27 minutes, alright. That ends in three minutes,” she stated. “I will sit here and eat my guac and chips… I don’t have to move because you can’t find a park. I’m sorry that you’re late. Like am I wrong?”


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Social Media Reactions

Abbie Chatfield's Carpark Etiquette Rant Divides the Internet

Her followers flooded the comments with mixed reactions and even offered some useful tips.

One supporter wrote, “I would literally rather die in that park than give it to someone who beeps at me.”

Another shared a practical suggestion, “A normal person once they see someone waiting for their carpark would simply hand gesture to them that you aren’t leaving yet. Pretty standard practice in the car parking game.”

A third user offered a clever tip: “Pro tip for this is to get in the passenger side! Then it’s like well… I’m not driving?? For all they know you could be waiting for someone! People are so impatient these days…”

Not an Isolated Incident

Abbie mentioned that this wasn’t the first time she had encountered such an unpleasant experience while parked. “Also this has happened maybe like four times in the last month in Sydney. And usually, I’m waiting like under two minutes from when I get in the car, just putting something in maps. It’s hell out here.”


Abbie Chatfield’s TikTok video has opened up a broader conversation about carpark etiquette and the patience (or lack thereof) of people waiting for parking spots. Her experience resonates with many, highlighting the daily challenges and frustrations that can arise in seemingly mundane situations.

So, what do you think? Is Abbie in the right for taking her time in a paid parking spot, or should she have moved to accommodate the waiting driver? Share your thoughts and join the discussion!