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12th Fail Breaks Records: From Theaters to OTT, Becomes the Highest-Grossing Film of the Year

Vikrant Massey’s film ’12th Fail’ has created history by becoming the highest-grossing film of the year. Originally released in theaters for 12 weeks, it has now made its way to OTT platforms. The film has not only captivated audiences but also inspired cinematic personalities. The OTT release has further boosted its collection, with theater owners increasing the number of screenings.

1. Box Office Success Post OTT Release

According to reports, the film earned INR 55 lakhs in the 12th and 11th weeks, followed by INR 30 lakhs in the 10th week. This remarkable performance has pushed the film’s total collection to INR 55.30 crores. Considering the film’s production cost, it stands out as the biggest hit of the year.

2. 12th Fail Film’s Journey

12th Fail

Originally released on October 27th last year, ’12th Fail’ continues to receive praise not only from audiences but also from film industry stalwarts. The film, made on a budget of 20 crores, has become a massive hit both in theaters and on OTT platforms.

3. Critical Acclaim and Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrities like Hrithik Roshan, Alia Bhatt, and Anurag Kashyap have praised the film. Hrithik Roshan, in particular, tweeted his admiration for the film, calling it a “masterclass” in filmmaking. The innovative use of sound effects and Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s outstanding performance left a lasting impact.

4. OTT Platform Impact

12th Fail

The film’s success on OTT platforms has propelled it to new heights, demonstrating its universal appeal. The positive audience response on digital platforms suggests that ’12th Fail’ continues to resonate with viewers even after its theatrical run.

Conclusion: ’12th Fail’ stands as a testament to the changing dynamics of film releases, proving that success can be achieved both in theaters and on digital platforms. With widespread acclaim and growing viewership, the film reinforces the idea that compelling storytelling knows no bounds. Vikrant Massey and the entire team behind ’12th Fail’ have not only entertained but have also left an indelible mark on the cinematic landscape. As the film continues to garner praise, it reinforces the notion that good content will always find its audience, irrespective of the medium.

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