Margot Robbie's Reaction: Margot Robbie, star of "Barbie," responded to Oscar snubs, saying she feels blessed despite the film missing key nominations.

No Sadness for Robbie: Robbie expressed gratitude, stating, "There's no way to feel sad when you know you're this blessed," as quoted by Deadline

Oscar Nominations Missed: "Barbie" missed key nods for Greta Gerwig as director and Margot Robbie for best actress, settling for eight nominations

Greta Gerwig's Exceptional Work: Robbie praised Greta Gerwig's directorial work, calling it a "once-in-a-career, once-in-a-lifetime thing

Competitive Year: Robbie acknowledged the incredible competition among films this year, despite "Barbie" not receiving expected nominations

Oppenheimer Dominance: "Oppenheimer," a strong Oscar contender, earned 13 nominations, overshadowing "Barbie" in the race

Ryan Gosling's Disappointment: Ryan Gosling, nominated for supporting actor as Ken, expressed disappointment at "Barbie's" snub

Acknowledgment of Film Talent: Gosling credited the film's talent, grit, and genius, emphasizing their essential role in its success

Hillary Clinton's Support: Hillary Clinton consoled Greta and Margot, praising their millions of fans and calling them "more than Kenough

#HillaryBarbie: Clinton used the hashtag #HillaryBarbie, expressing support for the film and its stars despite the Oscar disappointment