Griselda Blanco (Real): The Netflix series "Griselda" follows the life of Griselda Blanco, a powerful Colombian drug lord. Actress Sofía Vergara portrays her

June Hawkins (Real): Miami police officer June Hawkins, played by Juliana Aidén Martinez, helped bring down Griselda in real life. Learn about her courage and dedication

Carla (Not Real): Karol G's portrayal of Carla, a fictional character, adds drama to Griselda's story. Karol G, a famous reggaeton artist, impresses in her acting debut

District Attorney (Real): Eva La Dare plays the role of the District Attorney, resembling Catherine Vogel, involved in a scandal during Griselda's case

Real-Life Drama: Griselda's story blends real events with dramatic twists. Dive into the captivating world of crime, power, and justice

Hidden Identity: Griselda Blanco's ability to hide behind her identity as an ordinary housewife adds intrigue to the narrative

Female Empowerment: Explore how Griselda and other women navigate a male-dominated world, shaping the series around themes of empowerment

Karol G's Transformation: Witness Karol G's transformation from a music sensation to an actress, making her mark in the acting realm

Unveiling the Past: Discover the real-life incidents that influenced the series, providing insights into crime and law enforcement challenges

Legal Battles: Griselda's surviving son's legal battle with Netflix and Sofía Vergara adds a layer of controversy to the show's production