Throwback to Grazi's Big Brother Brasil Journey: Actress Grazi Massafera reminisces about her time on Big Brother Brasil 5, sharing her audition video and highlights.

ThrowbackThursday: Grazi joins the Throwback Thursday trend, reflecting on her experience in the popular reality show.

Candid Audition Video: Grazi, at 22, shares her audition video, expressing her intentions of not being a "manipulated doll" in the BB house.

Pedro Bial's Remark: During her elimination speech, host Pedro Bial commended Grazi, stating she silenced many with her authenticity in the house.

Nostalgic Moments: Every BB season triggers nostalgia for Grazi, who expresses gratitude for the experiences before, during, and after the show.

Two-Decade Flashback: It's been nearly 20 years since BB5, a milestone Grazi acknowledges with gratitude, recognizing the impact on her life.

Full of Gratitude and Love: Grazi sums up her feelings by expressing gratitude and love, emphasizing the lasting impact of her BB journey.

Romantic Connection: In BB5, Grazi found love with fellow participant Alan Passos, leading to a two-year relationship post the show.

Jean Wyllys' Victory: Reflecting on BB5, Grazi acknowledges Jean Wyllys as the winner of that season, marking a memorable chapter in the show's history.

Enduring Memories: Grazi's post resonates with enduring memories, showcasing her growth from a reality show contestant to a successful actress and model.