Minicoy Island: Enjoy boat rides and white-sand beaches with friends and family. Example: Take a boat ride to see the captivating lighthouse

Kadmat Island: Try scuba diving and savor local cuisine. Example: Dive into the colorful marine life while snorkeling

Kavaratti Island: Witness mesmerizing sunsets and go for nature walks. Example: Walk along the white sands as the sun sets over the tranquil lagoon

Marine Museum: Explore marine life exhibits and learn about underwater wonders. Example: Discover fascinating artifacts, including a shark skeleton

Pitti Bird Sanctuary: Spot birds and enjoy a serene beach walk. Example: Watch diverse avian species in their natural habitat

Thinnakara Island: Engage in water sports and relaxation in beautiful lagoons. Example: Take a boat ride to explore secluded lagoons

Kalpeni Island: Take relaxing strolls and relish seafood. Example: Enjoy a leisurely walk on golden sandy beaches

Bangaram Atoll: Experience paradise-like surroundings and enjoy hiking and snorkeling. Example: Hike through lush landscapes and snorkel in crystal-clear waters

Agatti Island: Taste smoked tuna fish and indulge in water sports. Example: Try kayaking or windsurfing in the azure waters

Andrott Island: Explore historical landmarks and witness marine wonders. Example: Visit the Saint Ubaidullah Tomb and spot octopuses