Litchfield National Park: Dive into waterfalls and wildlife just an hour from Darwin. Swim at Wangi Falls or marvel at magnetic termite mounds

Kakadu National Park: Explore ancient rock art and cascading waterfalls in Australia's largest World Heritage site

Adelaide River Queen Cruise: Encounter crocodiles up close on a thrilling cruise down the Adelaide River

Crocodylus Park: Get up close with crocodiles, reptiles, and kangaroos in this wildlife sanctuary just outside the city

Crocosaurus Cove: Experience the adrenaline rush of swimming with crocs in a transparent cage in the heart of Darwin

Defense of Darwin: Learn about the city's wartime history at East Point's museum, showcasing artifacts and stories from WWII

Pudakul Cultural Tours: Immerse yourself in indigenous culture with a tour offering insights into local traditions and cuisine

Aviation Heritage Center: Explore a century of aviation history with iconic aircraft displays, including Spitfires and B-52 bombers

Museum and Art Gallery: Discover the region's art and natural history, including exhibitions on Oceanic art and local environments

Sunset Dinner Cruise: End your day with a romantic cruise along Darwin's coastline, savoring fresh seafood as the sun sets