Exciting Soccer Matches: Australia and Tajikistan secured spots in the Asian Cup quarterfinals with big wins. Find out who else advanced!

Australia Dominates: Australia breezed into the quarterfinals, beating Indonesia 4-0. Learn how they showcased their soccer prowess

Thrilling Penalty Shootout: Tajikistan's dramatic 5-3 penalty shootout win against the UAE set the stage for a gripping quarterfinal clash

Jordan's Victory: Jordan triumphed over Iraq 3-2, earning their place in the quarterfinals. Explore the thrilling highlights of the match

Upcoming Matches: Stay tuned for more action as Qatar faces Palestine, and later, Saudi Arabia battles South Korea in the round of 16

Quarterfinal Schedule: Mark your calendars for February 2nd and 3rd as the top eight teams face off in intense quarterfinal battles

Unforgettable Moments: Relive the unforgettable moments from the captivating matches that defined the journey to the quarterfinals

Road to the Finals: Get insights into the teams' journeys, strategies, and standout players as they aim for the prestigious Asian Cup title

Qatar's Quest: Follow Qatar's journey as they overcome challenges and aim for success in the quarterfinal clash against Palestine

Soccer Fever: Immerse yourself in the soccer fever as teams compete fiercely for glory in the highly anticipated Asian Cup quarterfinals