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José Corbelino: Understanding the Selection Process for TRE Judge Position

Recently, lawyers José Corbelino, Bruno Castro, and Welder Queiroz were chosen as nominees for a substitute judge-member position at the Regional Electoral Court of Mato Grosso (TRE-MT). Let’s delve into the details of this selection process.

Nominees for TRE Judge:

José Corbelino, Bruno Castro, and Welder Queiroz
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The trio, selected by the TJMT Plenum, includes José Corbelino, Bruno Castro, and Welder Queiroz. Their names will be forwarded to President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva for appointment.

Selection Criteria and Process:

The nominees were chosen through a voting process by the Full Court of Justice (TJMT). José Corbelino received the highest number of votes (22), followed by Bruno Castro (18) and Welder Queiroz (17).

Other Applicants: José Corbelino

José Corbelino
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Several other candidates applied for the position, including Marcelo Joventino Coelho, Felipe Matheus França Guerra, and Lauro José da Mata. However, only three were selected for the final list.

  • Next Steps: The nominees’ names will be forwarded to the Electoral Court and eventually to President Lula da Silva for the final appointment.
  • Judges’ Votes: The selection process involved votes from various judges, each expressing their preferences among the candidates. The votes determined the final list of nominees.
  • Significance of the Position: The vacancy arose after the end of Judge Abel Sguarezzi’s term, highlighting the importance of filling the position to ensure the smooth functioning of the Regional Electoral Court.

Governor’s Decision:

Similarly, a list of nominees for the Mato Grosso Court of Justice was created, with lawyer Hélio Nishiyama receiving the highest number of votes. Governor Mauro Mendes will make the final decision regarding the appointment.

Conclusion: The selection of nominees for judicial positions involves a thorough process, ensuring that qualified individuals are appointed to serve effectively. The nominees chosen for the TRE judge position will play a crucial role in upholding justice and the rule of law.

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