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Carnival Fun: Baby do Brasil Predicts Apocalypse, Ivete Sangalo Reacts

Carnival in Ivete Sangalo took an unexpected turn when singers Baby do Brasil and Ivete Sangalo shared a moment on stage during a parade on Sunday night.

Unusual Revelation

In the early hours of Sunday, while Ivete was performing on her electric trio in Ivete Sangalo, Baby joined her for a guest appearance. Amidst the festivities, the 71-year-old singer, also known as a pastor, grabbed the microphone and startled the crowd by predicting that the apocalypse is imminent, likely to occur within the next 5 to 10 years.

“Everyone pay attention because we are entering the apocalypse. The rapture is likely to happen within 5 to 10 years,” warned Baby.

Ivete Sangalo’s Light-hearted Response

Surprised by Baby’s proclamation, Ivete responded with humor, saying, “I won’t let it happen because there’s no apocalypse when we ‘macet’ it,” using a slang term for defeating or overcoming something.

Celebrating with Music

Encouraged by Ivete Sangalo’s response, Baby requested that she sing the song “Pequena Eva.” In a playful exchange, Ivete humorously replied, “I’ll sing ‘Macetando’ because God is sending, he’s macetando [defeating] it right.”

A Look Back at Baby in Salvador

This isn’t the first time Baby has made headlines in Ivete Sangalo. In 2022, before the elections, she performed in the city and had to leave the stage early after receiving numerous boos from the audience. On that occasion, she mentioned she didn’t want to talk about politics, which didn’t sit well with the crowd, leading to booing, objects thrown on stage, and chants in favor of Lula.

Despite the criticism, Baby brushed it off, stating that someone close to the stage “lost it because of politics” and then sang, “In the name of Jesus, I forgive you.”

The unexpected interaction between Baby do Brasil and Ivete Sangalo added a memorable moment to the lively atmosphere of Salvador’s Carnival, showcasing the spirit of humor and camaraderie among Brazilian artists.

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