$8 million renovation project at Danville Regional Airport in preparation for new casino

Major changes are coming to the Danville Regional Airport all in preparation for the new Caesar’s Casino set to open in Danville in 2023.

Officials like transportation services director, Marc Adelman believe the casino will bring in more flights.

“Because of current VIR traffic, and the possibility of significant increase operations with the casino, we feel like we need to increase of fuel facility as well as make sure we have adequate aircraft parking available,” he said.

Not only is the outside of the airport getting a makeover, but so is the interior terminal.

“We’re hoping to enhance amenities for pilots and passengers.”

Some of these projects are updates that desperately need to be done, but news of the casino is putting plans into motion.

“All the plan improvements are definitely needed to improve our structural integrity as well as support growth.”

The final cost for all these upgrades, nearly $8 million.

“The vast majority of the funds that are provided are coming from federal and state. The City of Danville provides matching funds for the majority of the projects,” said Adelman.

Construction is set to begin as early as next month.

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