The Las Vegas casino that banned Dana White after he won so much

As the president of UFC, Dana White isn’t short of money. Yet he is still able to bring in some extra cash through his blackjack skills.

Joe Rogan has claimed that White once won as much as seven million dollars in one night, while he has also suffered seven-figure losses on occasion too.

So good is White that he has even been banned from playing at the Palms, even if the casino made this known to him in an unusual way by giving him a UFC-style title belt.

“When the Palms was owned by the Maloofs, I had beat them for 1.6 million dollars,” he explained, according to talkSPORT.

“Then as soon as the Palms was sold, the people who came in asked me to stop playing there.

“Las Vegas is all about losing, not winning. They don’t like people who f**king win!

“Then it sold again and the new ownership said we want you to come back and I beat them for 1.6m dollars again. Instead of just asking me to leave, they gave me [a title belt].

“It says ‘Undisputed blackjack champion, 24-0’. This is a cool way to say get the f**k out of our casino and don’t come back.”

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