Russia’s ‘Sexiest Female Biker’ Dead In An Accident

Olga Pronina, age 40, from Russia, nicknamed on social media as “the sexiest biker”, perished in a road accident.

Olga, travelling at a high speed on a road in Vladivostok, needed just one moment to lose control of the motorcycle and hit a sidewall. The impact proved to be fatal to the woman who loved adrenaline so much.

The Russian biker, mother of a child, had 150,000 followers on Instagram, where she posted numerous photos. She used to keep her followers updated about her life and all the adventures she had on the motorcycle.

Besides this kind of photos, Olga also shared clips of her travelling on Russian roads at a very high speed.

“I’m currently going 250km/h (155mph) using only one hand. It’s not very comfortable, I’m not recommending it. But this is how I get my adrenaline high” the biker wrote on the description of a clip in which she was drinking out of a cup while riding the bike.

“She used to break all the traffic rules, especially regarding speeding. Her death is a tragedy”, declared a friend for the local newspaper.

The bike’s remains were scattered almost 600 meters (650 yards) from the place of impact. The police are now trying to find the camera which Olga used to film her road adventures, to see what caused her death.

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