At 103 Years Old, Britain’s Oldest Dog Is Still Going Strong.

Queenie the terrier is 21 years old, the doggy equivalent of 103 human years. A former stray, the oldest dog in Britain still enjoys walks in the forest, is happy and relatively healthy for her age, aside for a couple of sore spots.

Queenie shares her home with her two “younger brothers”- 10 years old Bonnie and 12 years old Bo, both terriers, and was adopted by Bridget Pike, an assistant manager at a rehoming centre, from Salisbury, Wiltshire.

Bridget said:

‘Queenie is one tough cookie. Despite the fact she can’t run around like she used to, she loves to be out and about in the fresh air.’

‘I got her a doggy pushchair that I can put her in when she’s had enough of walking but still wants to be outdoors.’

‘She’s almost completely blind but there’s nothing wrong with her sense of smell.’

‘She knows if I haven’t topped her dog food with cooked chicken and stands there looking up at me until I add it to her food!’

Bridget now works at the Dogs Trust shelter in Salisbury and says that there are a number of older dogs which are also looking for their forever homes.

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