Will Smith’s Wife, Jada Pinkett Smith Tries To Keep Up With Her Husband

While Will Smith, her husband, is unchanged, Jada Pinkett Smith tries to keep up with him by trying out new hairstyles. Here is how her hair evolved during the years.

Even though she is 48 years old,  Jada has an incredibly fit body and recently she has experienced with look changes. All of this is most likely to happen because of her life partner, Will Smith (51 years old), who is still in the foreground of the cinema world, displaying the same athletic allure which has captured our attention.

Obviously, by having a superstar turned sex symbol at home, Jada feels the need to keep up with her attractive husband. Working out has become a religion for her, while a healthy diet and regular visits to a beautician assures her young face.

But all of this isn’t enough for her, because she doesn’t want to fall in Will’s shadow, which continues to release movie after movie. To prove this point, Jada regularly changes her looks, both clothes and hairstyles, while at the same time being present on several magazines’ front covers.

Most recently Jada cut her hair and dyed it blonde, a look which brought around 44,000 likes on her Facebook profile in under a day.

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