The Most Beautiful Female Police Officer in Germany Forced By Bosses to Choose: Sexy Pictures or Uniform

34-year-old Adrienne Koleszar is considered the most beautiful female police officer in Germany. Because of her appearance, she is forced by her bosses to choose between being an Instagram celebrity or a police officer. They made her delete the posts in which she is displaying her wonderful physique in order to keep her job.

After a meeting with her superiors, Adrienne was told that she has to make a decision. The alternatives are: she either returns to her full-time job as a police officer or quit altogether.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too, so she has to decide if she wants a career in the Police force or as a fitness model on social media.

Adrienne is a police officer in Dresden, Saxony, and won the award of “most attractive female officer in Germany” in 2016. She has a very fit body and a silhouette to die for.

The young officer has 586,000 followers on Instagram and regularly posts pictures of her fit body, as well as pictures from her holidays. All her fans are now wondering what will be her decision: to continue her police career or to start a new one, as an influencer?

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