People Don’t Belive Their Eyes When They See Those Robot Strippers In France

The clients that enter a night club in Nantes, France, will be most certainly shocked: instead of the sexy women that pole dance, they will see two robot dancers, which will wear high heels, but instead of a head, they have a closed-circuit camera feed.

The business owners thought that it would a unique way to celebrate the clubs’ fifty anniversary.

The two pole-dancing robots are the creation of a British artist, Giles Walker. He covered the metallic robot frames with parts from plastic mannequins. The video camera that replaces the head of the robots is meant to be an artistic message. It is an incarnation of the concept of voyeurism and an invitation to reflect: who holds the power? The watcher or the observed?

Despite the global tendency of having robots and artificial intelligence take over the human workforce, the clubs’ owner assures that the two robot dancers won’t replace the ten human pole dancers; it is just a way to convey the fact that he prizes technology.

“We need warm, physical, human contact. This is just a way to underline the contrasts between the two worlds, each with their own.”

The clubs’ dancers also aren’t afraid that they will be replaced one day by robots.

“What we are doing isn’t vulgar, it is an artistic act, it is something beautiful, and robots can’t change that”, said one of the dancers.

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