Look At What This Teen Used Her First Million On! Nobody Thought It Could Be Possible!

She is just 17 and is already a big star! And this brought her overnight a fortune beyond belief, of several million pounds.

Danielle Bregoli is a rap star which, despite her young age, managed to gather a fortune of which many can’t even dream of. The singer is known by her fans as ‘Bhad Bhabie’ which in her stage name.

She was born in Boynton Beach, Florida on the 26 of March 2003. All her fame started back in 2016 when she was invited to be part of one of the episodes of ‘Dr. Phil’ series. Since then, she became an internet star and the word is simply adoring her and her music. Danielle has now her own reality show, a makeup brand, tours, and a music career.

In an interview by TMZ, Danielle confessed on what she spent the first million pounds. Was it a big house, a brand new car, jewellery? Nope. What can a teenage girl possibly want at such a young age?

“I spent all of my money on fake eyelashes and doing my nails,” Danielle said, slightly amused.

The teen is enjoying the popularity gathered on social media, where she has millions of fans who get rewarded with carefully selected photos.

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