At 53, Salma Hayek Looks Better Than Ever

Salma Hayek, 53 years old, gorgeous in a swim suit! Look how sexy the actress looks!

Soon she will be turning 54, but Salma Hayek proves again and again that her age really is just a number. Somehow she managed to find the secret for a beautiful and healthy life, and one day we hope that she will decide to share it with the world.

Salma was born in Mexic on the 2nd of September 1966. She started her acting career in 1989, when she was part of the cast in the series ‘Teresa’.

She then moved to America in 1991, and she became well known for movies such as ‘Desperado’ (1995), ‘Dogma’ (1999) and ‘Wild Wild West’ (1999). Salma was the first Mexican who was nomeneed to win an Oscar Award for the title ‘best female actress’.

The beautiful Mexican actress recently posted on social media a lot of pictures on the beach, showing the entire world how sexy and fit she looks in a swim suit.

The pictures posted by Salma Hayek on Instagram rapidly gathered a couple hundred thousand likes, some of them almost reaching one million!

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