Woman Who Was Too Ashamed To Get Undressed, Now Embraces Her Body Hair

She was too ashamed to remove her bra during intimacy because of her body hair, but now she embraces it in a very beautiful way.

Bethany Burgoyne, a 29-year-old artist, performer and journalist from London, first shaved her legs and boy when she was 11. At 14 she ditched the razor in favor of wax strips to prevent shave rashes.

The society’s perceived pressure to remove her hair or to be considered “unattractive” has left Bethany feeling too self-conscious to wear short dresses or crop tops. This shame was so great that when she was younger she couldn’t take off her clothes in front of other people.

As the hair removal process started becoming increasingly expensive, on November 2018 Bethany decided to stop waxing her leg hair and armpits. By March 2019, she took a step further and stopped getting rid of her stomach hair and the rest of her body hair.

But true liberation came in August 2019 when she appeared on the show “Naked Attraction”, which left her inundated with positive comments on her decision to embrace her natural body hair.

Bethany said:

‘A few times I have had strangers come up to me and tell me how much they like my body hair, at a party or out and about. This has made such a lasting, positive impression on me.’

‘On the flip side, I have had comments from males who will tease me about my body hair, offering to lend me their razor or pay for a wax.
This makes my blood boil; it is a reflection of the male assumption that they can tell a woman how to look and police their identity. Putting women down to make themselves feel more superior.’

Congratulations to Bethany for feeling empowered and comfortable in her own skin and on her own terms.

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