What Is Robbie Williams’ Biggert Fear?

Legendary British pop singer Robbie Williams recently hired special bodyguards to protect him of aliens, in case they would try to contact him. Ex ‘Take That’ singer wasn’t afraid of admitting that he is afraid of an eventual “first contact” with aliens.

“The reason I asked for around the clock protection wasn’t for my own safety, but rather because I’m afraid of what might happen around me when I’m alone. I was always scared of talking to them because that would make them real, and if it’s just in my head, then it stays in my head.”

Robbie Williams is a well-known aficionado of UFOs and alien tales, choosing to move to California to start several expeditions aimed at discovering UFOs.

The British singer isn’t the only star which believes or has believed at some point in the existence of other civilizations. Mick Jagger declared he saw a UFO in Glastonbury while he was talking a walk with his girlfriend. John Lennon of “The Beatles” fame acknowledged that he was actually visited by aliens in his own apartment. Even Muhammad Ali, the famous boxer, told a story of how he met some aliens while jogging in Central Park, but didn’t want to give any further details.

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