A Couple From US ‘Won’ A Baby At A Radio Contest.

You wouldn’t think that a baby can be given as a prize at a radio contest. But one can say that young Garrett Rivera, 3 months old, was won after his parents, which were confronting with fertility issues, participated and won an award which covered the costs for the fertility treatments.

In November 2017, the radio station B1039 from Florida offered couples a chance to win an all-expenses-paid IVF round. The participants sent videos explaining what would make them amazing parents.

The video sent by Krista and Anthony Rivera, in which they explained the way testicular cancer destroyed their dreams of having a baby together, convinced the organizers to offer them the big prize.

After their win in December 2017, the couple focused on Anthony’s recovery. Then, in February 2018, the fertilization process started. Krista wrote on Facebook that she had to wait 2 months for the embryo to be implanted, otherwise risking ovarian overstimulation syndrome caused by the ovule extraction.

The baby was born one day after term, after a long 55-hour labour, during which he had trouble breathing and broke an arm. Little Garrett sat 3 days in Intensive Care.

“Without this contest, we wouldn’t have achieved the dream of having a child” declared Krista. She went on saying that IVF was the only solution, one which they gave up because of the lack of funds.

The contest held its’ second edition in May 2019.

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