How Did Monica Lewinsky Manage to Seduce Bill Clinton?

Almost 20 years ago, Monica Lewinsky got famous because of her affair with Bill Clinton. The press went crazy when they’ve found out about their romantical rapport. They were in each’s magazine and newspaper front cover.

Now, after so many years after the incident has passed, Monica decided to open up to the world and to reveal the trick she used to seduce him. At that time, Bill Clinton was the President of the United States, so we all know by now that he wasn’t an easy catch.

When they met, Monica was  22 years old and she was just an intern at the White House. According to her, no one there paid attention to her. No one, but Clinton.

To catch the president’s eyes, she used a nasty trick: she let her thong on display.

“I knew he was walking out of the room and instead of pulling my trousers up (to hide my knickers), I didn’t.’

At that point, they were already involved in a simple friendship, but Monica recalls that she has always had a crush on him. After this trick, Bill Clinton invited her into the director George Stephanopoulos’ office, and that was the point where it all started. After this event, they started seeing each other more often, and slowly their affair evolved into a real relationship.

Monica was spending her weekends at her office, always waiting for his call.

“I had no way to reach him if he called me I couldn’t call him back, I was completely at his mercy in that way,” she explained.

This is how everything started. Now, everything is in the past, Monica has her own life and so does Clinton. But their story will always be something that people will pay interest on.

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