The Actress Jane Seymour Is The Oldest Woman Who Posed For Playboy

Jane Seymour has become, at 67, the oldest woman to pose for Playboy, proving once again that sensuality has nothing to do with your age. Not only did she look absolutely stunning in the pictorial, but her message to feel good in your skin, no matter what is worth to be listened by the whole world.

In an interview, the legendary actress admitted that she feels better than ever and that she has no regrets.

“I feel much sexier now than when I was young. There is enormous freedom when I think I have lived so long. As my father used to say, I feel good in my skin. I am still courted by men, which is flattering. I mean, in general, by this age you already become invisible. But I’m not trying to prove anything to anyone, “ said Jane Seymour.

Jane’s photoshoot for Playboy was highly appreciated, the actress being appreciated for the courage to pose in such a sexy manner.

Her reply to the fans was:

“Overwhelmed with the positive responses I’ve received from all of you about my @Playboy interview.

“Always remember that true beauty comes from within, so open your heart and let it shine through!”

In an interview for Playboy, Seymour admitted that, like many other women at Hollywood, she was sexually harassed early in her career. Without revealing his name, the actress confessed that an influential film producer made it very clear that she would be given a role in exchange for sexual favours. Of course, she refused his offer.

“He called me a taxi, and before he let me go, he said, ‘If anyone finds out if you tell someone about what happened, I guarantee you will never work anywhere else on this planet.’ He had that power. I got in the car and started crying, I was scared, ”the actress recalled.

Jane, who currently appears in “Let’s Get Physical,” became an international star after appearing in the 1973 film “James Bond: Live And Let Die.” She has been married four times and has four children.

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