She Once Was A Sergeant in The US’ Marine Corps, But Now She’s a Successful Model

She is now known as “The Worlds Sexiest Marine” and has a successful modelling career, but little do her admirers know that she was once part of the United States’ Marine Corps. She became a real star on Instagram, where she is followed by over 65,000 people.

Shannon Ihrke is 29 years old and she is originally from Minnesota. A decade ago, she took a decision that changed her life forever: she joined the United States Marine Infantry. At just 19, she was on full military duty for four years.

The woman has experienced all the hardships of this job and says that joining the army was the best decision of her life, making her feel “smarter, faster and stronger”.

“Joining the Marine Corps was the best decision of my life and truly set me up for success. I’d do it again in a heartbeat,” says Shannon about her military experience.

In the Corps, Ihrke served as an administrative specialist and later on, she obtained the rank of sergeant.

“It’s hard, no doubt, but I was able to see what I was capable of and I pushed myself to be my absolute best. Work hard, play hard!”

Shannon went beyond her physical limits and she learnt what being calm in the middle of the chaos means.

Such a harsh environment isn’t always easy on women, especially for a young one. Sharron admitted that a woman in the United States’ Marine Corps has to work twice as hard as men to win her equality status. Many of her male colleagues initially believed that she might not be able to keep up physically, so she set a goal to prove them wrong. Her hard work was rewarded, and Shannon says that the friendship of colleagues was one of the greatest rewards received.

“You gain a new family when you become a military man. Live together, eat together, train and take breaks together. Fight for each other, whether you like it or not, ”she said.

The beautiful blonde says that her experience in the US Marine Corps helped her in my modelling career because people respect her. Modelling has allowed her to feel feminine and sexy.

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