How Does Nicole Scherzinger Look in Bikini at 41 Years Old?

At 41 years old, Nicole Scherzinger looks like she has found the secret to youthfulness.  The paparazzi managed to capture some very interesting pictures of her while she was on a holiday in Hawaii.

The singer was photographed while on the beach and was trying to find shelter from the rain that has just started. She was wearing a beautiful blue swimming suit, that fit her body perfectly. Although Nicole isn’t in her first youth anymore, she still manages to keep her body in the best way possible.

Nicole Scherzinger was accompanied in Hawaii by her family and several friends. It seems like the changing weather did not spoil their fun, as the singer looks very relaxed and seems very happy.

A photo taken on the beaches of Hawaii was also posted on by Nicole on her Instagram account. The image quickly gathered 100,000 likes, her followers falling in love immediately with her body and her smile.

“Training siren” was the message that accompanied the photo.

The reason behind Nicole’s holiday in Hawaii is a personal one. For those who don’t know this yet, Hawaii is her hometown. She flew all the way to there to take part in a very special moment in her family’s life. Just a day before being photographed on the beach, the artist celebrated her grandmother, who turned 80.

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