Princess Diana’s Granddaughter Makes An Incendiary Appearence At A Fashion Event in Italy

Lady Kitty Spencer is one of the most mundane members of the British royal family. She’s the granddaughter of the regretted Princess  Diana, who died in a tragic accident in France in 1997.

Being a member isn’t her full-time occupation. Like many other members, she has a career of her own. She’s a model and the spokesman for the luxurious Italian jewellery brand Bulgari.

Kitty is a regular presence at fashion events around the world, where she always manages to catch everyone’s’ eyes with her extravagant looks. She recently has made a fuss at a party hosted by Alberta Ferretti in Milan, Italy.

For this event, Lady Kitty Spencer has chosen a long red satin dress that looked very attractive on her body, a very impressive outfit which was complemented by a pair of golden shoes. Her hair was tied up in an elaborate ponytail and her makeup was in tune with the colour of her gorgeous dress.

At the moment, she is engaged to a 61-year-old tycoon, Michael Lewis. He was born in South Africa and he is five years older than the girl’s father, Count Charles Spencer, Princess Diana’s brother.

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