Being Beautiful Can’t Get You Out From Prison, But This Woman Has Stolen Men’s Hearts

Being attractive cannot get you out from prison, but it can certainly make you famous. To prove this statement, we will present you the story of Sarah Seawright, a 24-year-old from Arkansas, who was accused of robbery, kidnapping and reckless driving.

The young woman was arrested for failing to appear in court for a trial in which she is accused of reckless driving. However, in the past, she has also faced charges of robbery and kidnapping, but all the crimes committed do not seem to matter at all to the men on the internet, who are fascinated by her beauty.

According to Arkansas’ police records, in 2012, Sarah offered to drive a man home, but in her car was a friend who robbed him, threatened him with a gun and beat him. As an accomplice, the young woman has been charged with theft, kidnapping and tampering with evidence

Sarah posted a picture of herself while she was in arrest on Facebook, and that was the start of her fame. As soon as the selfie got posted, it became viral. Hundreds of men have fallen in love with her instantly after seeing her beautiful features.

Some of the comments she has received on Facebook were:

“I could be stabbed nine times by her and I would still apologize to her”,

“This girl is a criminal, but I don’t care, I fell in love with her”.

On the internet, she has received a really interesting nickname. After her picture got viral, people started calling her “Prison Bae”.

Now, Sarah is unlikely to spend any day behind bars, but she could rather start to build a modelling career. At the moment, she is using the popularity she has suddenly gained to enter the fashion world.


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