What Had Jennifer Lopez to Say About Her “Too Sexy” Show at Super Bowl?

Jennifer Lopez received a lot of criticism for her Super Bowl show, which was considered by some as “too sexy”. Moreover, a Christian activist has sued her and her stage partner, Shakira and he claims $800 million in damages.

During the break of the Super Bowl 2020, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira held a recital that represented cultural diversity and it impressed with its overwhelming energy. The singers put on a very impressive show, in which they proved that being an artist doesn’t mean just being on stage.

After this representation and all the criticism she has received, Jennifer felt the need to defend her performance:

Both of us are really respectful performers who are moms and have kids and are very conscious of what we do. We [put on] a show that I believe was a celebration of women and our Latino culture that I think was really well reserved. And that small fraction of people who want to be negative about it, I can’t even let in.”

And her affirmation is 100% relatable. Both Jennifer’s and Shakira’s shows were absolutely stunning, but there will always be people who complain about you, no matter how good you are.

Now, Jennifer stands up for women and girls all around the world. She wants to be seen as an example of a strong and independent woman, who isn’t afraid to show who she really is just because of some people that don’t agree with her:

“The message of standing up for yourself, being a woman — that’s what I want to pass on to little girls — everything about you—be proud of it,” she said, before adding, “I’m very proud of the performance that night.”

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