TikTok Star Gets Mistaken For Her Son’s Girlfriend

She’s a mother, she has a full-time job and still has time to be internet famous. This woman from Hull, Yorkshire is now a TikTok star, and people simply adore her. Although she is a middle-aged woman, she often gets mistaken for her son’s girlfriend.

Claire Barratt is a mother of six and has a very busy life. But that didn’t stop her to try and keep up with the new generation. She started using TikTok three months ago, and now she has over 145,000 followers and millions of views.

On TikTok, she makes funny videos by herself or with her son, who is 20 years old. Most of the times, people consider them a couple and make fun of them.

For those who were wondering, Claire is 40 years old. But she doesn’t show her age. Most people consider that she’s lying about her age just to get popular and gain fame, but that is far from true. At some point, she wanted to prove her age, so she showed her driving licence to her followers.

But Claire doesn’t care about the haters. All she wants to do is have fun and live a happy life. Speaking about her experience on TikTok, she said:

“I’m not bothered whether I look 40 or not. I am not on TikTok to say I am 40 look at me. I am here to have fun and say you can do it too. Don’t be hindered by other people’s judgement.”

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