This Woman Is 63 Years Old, But She’s Considered “Too Attractive”

Lesley Maxweel is a 63 years old woman from Australia that knows how to hide her age to well. Often, people don’t belive her when she says how old she really is.

Former world champion in bodybuilding, the woman found that even Instagram considers her pictures “too sexy”, because some of her posts have been deleted.

Lesley went through a less common situation,  when she got reported on a social media because she is “too sexy,” according to the Daily Mail.

She took the internet by surprise when she posted a video which was made during a workout with her niece, Tia Christofi.

In another post, she appears summarily dressed, in a sexy body, with lace stockings and garters, an image considered too sexy for Instagram.

Lesley started training after the age of 40 and she has managed to win over 30 bodybuilding titles and claims she has never felt stronger. She won the first trophy at 49, and is now a personal fitness trainer.

Even though she has three grandchildren, that doens’t stop her from practicing her desired sport and pursuing her passions or dating men.

According to her declarations, Lesley claims that she is often  approached by men who are younger that her:

“I am always approached by men younger than me. My ex-husband was 13 years younger than me. “

Lesley likes to consider that she has a happier life than when she was younger. Her passion for bodybuilding not only helped her achieve the body of her dreams, but also boosted her confidence and improved her social life. Now, she has a lot of friends with whom she likes to go out and share great memories.

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