At 50 years old, Sabrina Makes Every Man Fantasize About Her

She was born on the 15th of March 1968, and 19 years later she conquered the entire planet due to the song “Boys (Summertime Love)”. Up to this day, people still have in mind her for the voluptuous forms that she showed nonchalantly in the video of the famous song. Do you remember her? I think most of us do, you can’t forget such a presence.

Sabrina Debora Salerno, or simply, Sabrina, as she is known by the public in every corner of the world, has reached now the age of 50. She isn’t as famous as she was in her youth ages, but still, she hasn’t neglected her career.

The artist continues to perform throughout the world and wears on stage similar provocative costumes to the ones she wore in the 80s and 90s when she ignited the imagination of all men. Although she is no longer in her early teens, Sabrina knows how to maintain the atmosphere and prove to everyone that for her, age is just a number.

Sabrina’s secret is that she knows how to love herself and take care of her body. She has a very healthy lifestyle and she pays attention to what she eats. To achieve her desired body, she spends hours and hours in the gym, that pay off in the end.

At 50 years old, we can all agree on the fact that Sabrina looks absolutely gorgeous. She still manages to make every man fantasize about her and her perfect body.

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