This Woman Was Pulled Of From the Sauna Because She Was “Too Sexy”

The employees of Hillingdon Sports and Leisure centre from Uxbridge asked a 23-year-old girl to cover her body with a towel in the sauna because several moms made a complaint that she was dressed “too sexy”.

Carer Nicole Bernardocchi was shocked when a manager from a local pool asked her to leave the sauna because of the way she was dressed.

The 23-year-old from Harefield, north London, was wearing a full black swimsuit when she was asked to leave because several moms accused her of being dressed “inappropriate”.

We are all now curious about what can be considered inappropriate in a spa centre, but who can tell for sure? There are no decency standards written on the entrance door, right?

Speaking about her experience, Nicole declared:

“I had got some funny looks from the mums in the changing rooms before going to the sauna, but I didn’t think anything of it. The receptionist was nice and let us pay less than usual because there were kids’ swimming lessons going on.”

“I initially thought that the payment hadn’t gone through when she came over and asked to speak to me outside. But I was shocked when she told me some of the mums had complained that my swimwear was inappropriate and I needed to get a towel.”

Nicole is still shocked by everything that happened. Taking into consideration that she was asked by the manager to leave, her experience at the sauna was rather awkward than relaxing and pleasant.

At the end of her declaration, she claimed:

“It was embarrassing, to be pulled out by the manager when there were other people in the sauna.”

“Just because I have a sexy body doesn’t mean I am inappropriate for the swimming pool. I wasn’t showing my privates or my breast and the costume is double cloth so you can’t see anything even if it gets wet.”

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