She Was Bullied For Her Birthmarks, But Now She’s Embracing Them With Pride

Lorena Bolaños is here to show us today that birthmarks are part of who we are, and that people shouldn’t be afraid to be and love themselves. She was born with a large congenital nevus that covers her arm, her chest and her abdomen. In addition to that, she also has other several moles on her body.

People have always judged her for her imperfections, and most of the times she got bullied for them. Growing up like this, she has never thought that she will feel good in her own skin. There were times when her birthmarks were considered some type of illness, and people would simply avoid her, without any explanation.

But after some years, she did learn to love herself. At 24 years old now, she embraced her birthmarks for which she was bullied in the past and she’s ready for the whole world to see them. On her Instagram, she posted a series of pictures in which she is embracing her birthmarks and shows them to the world with a smile on her face.

“As I didn’t look as the other kids, as my legs looked different, with a lot of marks, that I didn’t like, the main problem was that I didn’t feel beauty and I felt very uncomfortable when people looked at me,” said Lorena.

It took years for her to realise that being beautiful is not a social concept, but a feeling. There will always be people that judge you, so you have to keep your head high and continue being you.

“People that want to hurt you are going to smell your insecurities and are going to kill you with a simple word,” she said. “Self-security is something that can be intimidating to these people and that will show you as an extraordinary person! Even self-security is a sign of beauty.”

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