She Posed For a Playboy Pictorial, and Now No One Wants to Hire Her

At just 27, a young woman from Russia who works as a civil servant claims that she can no longer find work because of the society that judges her for posing in an adult magazine.

Anna Anufrieva is from Russia and she worked as a civil servant in the Siberian administration, being the head of the public procurement department of the Tiumen region. She claims that, apart from losing her job, her appearance in an adult magazine affected her personal life as well.

She declared that no one from her life wants to trust her anymore because of her sexy appearance.

It all started in May when the young woman decided to pose for the Russian edition of Playboy magazine, in a contest for the Playboy model of the year 2019.

Immediately after the publication of the pictorial, the young woman was informed by her superiors that she had an immoral behaviour and that he can no longer work in public administration.

“It is not normal that only models, fitness coaches and bloggers are allowed to pose undressed,”said the young woman.

Anna c puts everything on account of the social pressure and states that the private sector employers have the same restraint. She was rejected from everywhere she tried to get hired.

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