Woman From Russia Finds Out She’s Dead Since 2017

A woman from Russia had the surprise of her life when she tried to book an appointment with her GP, but she was told that she’s dead.

So now we ask, how can it be possible that she is both alive and dead at the same time? Well, it seems like she’d been listed as dead since 2017.

Alina Vysniauskaite found out about this strange situation when she made an appointment at a local clinic via their website. The system gave her the next error: ‘The service is unavailable post mortem.’ Shocked by this, she went right away to the clinic in-person to see what was the problem.

Her surprise was even bigger when she found out that she’s been figuring on their system as “dead” since three years ago. According to the clinic, her death cause was liver cirrhosis, a disease that she has never had.

What’s more interesting is that during those 3 years when Alina was considered dead, she was a patient of a prenatal department of the same clinic. So, what is the explanation for this weird situation?

Some of us might think is a coincidence of name, but reports have shown that there is no other Alina Vysniauskaite in Russia, so this explanation is impossible. The woman wants to report the incident to the local prosecution office because concerned that someone else might have potentially used her name.

Unfortunately, we don’t know what’s the end of this situation. Shortly after releasing this story, Alina shut down all her social media account, so there aren’t any updates.

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