She’s Lil Wayne’s Favourite Stripper

How far can striptease get you? Well, for NoForeign, her passion for dancing helped her rebuilt her life and be famous. She used to take the bus, now she’s driving a Mercedes. But who is she in reality? Is she more than Lil Wayne’s favourite stripper?

We all know that her stage name is NoForeign and that she has over 500,000 followers on her Instagram account. What we don’t know is that her real first name is Angie and she’s 26 years old.

Before she became a dancer, she worked in a fast-food restaurant. Her life was very simple, but now everything changed for her.

Speaking about her striptease carrier, NoForeign says that the stage is the place where she feels the most empowered. The way she feels the music, the movements she makes, everything comes very naturally to her now. Through dance, she discovered a part of her that she never thought she had.

She is aware of the fact that her most liked pictures on Instagram are the ones where she’s posing half-naked, but she doesn’t mind. She knows that her body gained her all the fame she has now.

At the moment, she’s a stripper and an Instagram influencer. In addition to that, she has just started her musical carrier.

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