Plus-size Woman Proves that Bigger Girls Aren’t “Easy”

Being a plus-size woman in a world full of Kardashians means that you have to fight with the society who puts labels on women. Some men go as far as considering that if you are bigger than normal, you are “easy” to get, so you should accept any man that has a desire for you.

We can all agree on the fact that this idea is wrong from so many points of view, and Susan Curry is here to prove to us that we are right.

Susan is a 38 years old plus-size woman from Cashion, Oklahoma. Although she is a size 22, she refuses to let the society tell her how she should feel about her weight or who should she be dating.

During the years, she has built her confidence so hight that now she is pursuing a modelling carrier. Of course, she is a plus-size model, but she is beautiful and has a lot of things to prove. Her weight doesn’t stop her from doing anything and she expects men to respect her and treat her exactly like she deserves.

Like most women out there, Susan had a period in her life where she wasn’t confident about her body. She has always been a plus-size girl but at that time she was hiding behind baggy clothes. When she got older, she soon realised that men have a wrong conception about bigger women, and they consider them “easy” just because of their weight. That was the moment when she realised that something needs to change in her life, so she started loving herself:

“When I began to embrace my curves, my body, and love my body for what it was, I was then able to wear clothing that I would have never dreamed of putting on before. I think because we look so much different from skinny bodies, and that’s all we used to see in media, this created an altered perception for myself.”

Now, Susan wants to prove the world how beautiful women can be, no matter their size. She encourages women to be themselves, to accept their bodies and to be proud of the way they look.



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