Woman Uses Her Body to Teach Anatomy to Her Students

We all remember the never-ending anatomy classes, where hardly anyone was able to understand anything. The information was hard to process and even harder to visualise.

Verónica Duque, who is a biology teacher, found an interesting way to make her students more interested in her class. Her idea was actually very appreciated and gained her popularity on social media.

Her 15 years teaching carrier thought her that students need to see something in real life before learning it, so she decided to teach anatomy by giving her body as an example.

No, she didn’t come naked in front of her pupils. But she made a costume of the human body, that fits her perfectly. With this, she aimed to show her student the placement of organs in the human body, a concept that they had difficulties when being taught.

Verónica’s husband was the one who made her idea popular online. He posted a picture with his wife, with the capture:

“Very proud of this volcano of ideas that I am lucky to have as a woman. Today she explained the human anatomy to her students in a very original way.”

His audience received Verónica’s idea very good, most people appreciating her originality.  One of the most like comment was: “Excellent example of innovation and creativity … that’s what it takes in the world of education to open the student’s mind.”

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