Her Tinder Profile Got Deleted Because She Was “Too Atractive”

A gorgeous young lady had the surprise of her life when she tried to log into her Tinder account, but she realised her profile got deleted.

Holly Valentine lives in Los Angeles and she has 26 years old. She has been single for some time now, so she decided to give Tinder, the dating app, a shot. Although she is very attractive, she didn’t succeed in finding her special other in real life, so meeting someone online was actually a solution for her.

As soon as she created her account, hundreds of men admired her. They started messaging her, sending her pictures, all trying to make her go on a date with them.

Holly likes taking pictures and she never minded sharing them online. She is very beautiful, and her body looks absolutely stunning. There is no surprise why so many men contacted her during this period. All she wanted to do was meet someone who was right for her, but not everyone gave her credit for this.

Considering the way she looks, there were some people that couldn’t believe she was single. Some of them even went as far as accusing her of using fake pictures, so they reported her profile. After some time, her account was shut down by Tinder.

The app gave her the money she used for her profile back, 86 dollars, but Holly couldn’t get her account back.


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